The advantages of anodized aluminum plate

1.  good workability, high oxidation aluminium plate, adornment sex is strong, moderate hardness, can be easily bending forming, continuity high-speed stamping, convenient and directly processed into products, surface treatment need not be complicated, greatly shorten the product production cycle and reduce the production cost.

2.   good weather resistance: standard thickness of oxide film (3 microns) anodized aluminum indoor use long-term discoloration, no corrosion, no oxidation, no rust. With thick oxide film (10 microns) of anodized aluminium plate can be used in outdoor, can be long-term exposure to light discoloration.

3.   strong metal feeling: the anodization of aluminum plate surface hardness, grade gems, good scratch resistance, surface paint coverage, keep aluminum sheet metal color, highlight modern metal feeling, improve the product grade and added value.

4.   high flame-retardant: pure metal products, surface without any chemical material, paint and 600 degrees high temperature does not burn, do not produce poisonous gas, conform to the requirements of the fire control and environmental protection.

5.   the fouling resistance is strong, not hand, there will be no stain marks, easy to clean, do not produce corrosion spots.

6.   applicability, wide application, applicable to metal ceilings, aluminum curtain wall plate, aluminum-plastic panel, fire prevention board, and honeycomb aluminum plate, aluminum sheet, electrical panels, cabinet panels, furniture panels, etc.