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Other Civilian Fields

Due to its good thermal and electricity conductivity, high tensile strength and other features, Aluminium alloy is widely applied in the daily life field. All the rolling mills of Shanghai Bangting(BT) Technology Material Company are purchased from SMS Siemag with CVC flatness control technology, which are the highest installation level for the rolling mills in the world at present. The mills will supply good quality flat rolled Aluminium products for the customers.

On the surface of the aluminum, there is a layer of high compact aluminium oxide, which helps to prevent the corrosion occurs. Therefore, aluminium alloys are often used to make chemical reactor, medical instrument, refrigerating equipment and oil & Gas pipes.

Advantages of electronic products covers made of Aluminium alloy lie in its good thermal conductivity and mechanical strength. In addition, we can color coat the surface for good appearance and sense of worthy.

Main Applications

1. Building decoration plate

2. Sport equipment

3. Medical equipment

4. Household appliance

5. Containers

6. Chemical equipment

Aluminium can absorb the sound well, and have excellent sound effect. Therefore, Aluminium alloy materials are often used in the ceilings and partition board of broadcasting studio and modern buildings.