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As development of global marine industry and request for shipping efficiency, high speed passenger ship has been used more and more aluminium alloy as body structural material. Since the density of aluminium alloy is only one third of steel, and its excellent corrosion resistance, it has become the best solution to reduce weight of ship. However, there is only a few manufacturers who can provide high quality and large scale aluminium alloy all over the world. 

Shanghai Bangting(BT) Technology Industries Ltd owns 4500mm hot rolling mill and 2800mm cold rolling mill from German SMS, and becomes one of these manufacturers who can offer high quality and large scale aluminium alloy to satisfy the customers’ demand.

Product Feature:

Excellent corrosion resistance.

Large specification

High precision

Good fatigue resistance 

The Main Products Are As Follows:

1. Side of the ship, external board of ship bottom: 5083、5086、5456、5052

2. Rib plate, seperating panel: 5083、6061

3. Rib, engine pedestal: 5083

4. Operation room funnel : 5083、5052

5. Deck  :  5052 、5083、5086、5456、5454 、7039

Bulwark : 5083

6. Side wall or top of the container : 3033、3034、5052