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Aluminum Sheet for PS Plate

We can provide the plate-foundation for PS plate products. The
specification is (0.10~0.30)X(600~1500)X(1500~2000)mm with
alloy 1050,1060etc. Non-standard size as well.

Specification of Aluminum Sheet for PS Plate



1050 ,1060,1070,3003.5052,etc.


H18,H24 ,O – H112

Surface treatment

Mill finish


600-1500 mm


0.1-0.3 mm


Flat Rolled


Decorations, Heat Sink, Transportation Tools, Door & Window, Glass Wall, Printing


Export standard seaworthy wooden pallets.


Features of Aluminum Sheet for PS Plate


1). Coil top surface will be very smooth and fine finished.

2). Alloy suitable for Electrochemical graining and anodizing.

3). Material Tension Leveled for full flatness.

4). Our Tension Leveler made by SELEMA Italy, cost about 10 million USD, suitable to make CTP/UV/PS base.


Application of Aluminum Sheet for PS Plate


Decorations, Heat Sink, Transportation Tools, Door & Window, Glass Wall, Printing

How to choose the aluminium sheet for ps plate?

The aluminium sheet for ps plate is one of the basic elements for making a high quality PS plate. 

So far, no better material has been found to replace the aluminium plate in the material selection of the PS plate.  The main raw materials for the production of PS plate are PS plate special plate, photosensitive glue. 

Aluminium sheet for ps plate is generally required to have the following characteristics:

1, Having sufficient strength as a support;

2, Good dimensional viscosity and flatness to ensure printing accuracy;

3, Having a surface state and chemical composition adapted to the template;

4, There is performance situation that can be used as a product.