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In addition to our wholesale activities we also provide several services for aluminum products at our in-house service centre. From the decoiling of aluminum coils to slitting, adding surface protection to aluminum sheets or cutting aluminum sheets, BT is your partner.

Aluminum Decoiling

Our decoil machine is able to process aluminum coils up to 2 meters wide, ranging from 0,3 to 12 mm in thickness. We cut the sheets from thecoil up to 13 meters in length. Apart from the standard sizes, we also deliver made to measure sheets, according to the provided measurements. Are you looking for aluminum sheets in standard sizes? You can order these from our available stock. If you are looking for more information about sheets in standard sizes, please go to aluminum sheets for a complete overview.

Aluminum Slitting

BT is also the address for aluminum slitting. We are able to slit coils to slit coils according to the requested measurements.

Aluminum Surface Protection

We provide different types of coating which are suitable for edging, bending and stamping.  The coating process is identical to that of the stainless steel.

Aluminum Cutting

Are you looking for aluminum sheets in non standard sizes? No problem. We cut aluminum sheets in all possible sizes.

The width depth range of our cutting machine is 4.3 meters, with a thickness of 0.3 to 8 mm. With this machine we are able to cut sheets in all possible sizes.